Terms and conditions

CKA "Mrówka"

„Mrówka” Conference Center
The management of the hotel appreciates your cooperation in following the rules of the below stated terms and conditions which main purpose is to ensure safe and undisturbed stay in our hotel.


  1. All persons staying on the premises of „Mrówka” Conference Center are bound by these terms and conditions.

  2. Accommodation space hereinafter referred to as rooms are let daily.

  3. Hotel day starts at 14:00 and ends at 12:00 of the following day. Failing to check-out and vacate the room before 12:00 is deemed as a prolongation of stay and entitles the hotel to charge the guest for an additional night.

  4. Guest  of „Mrówka” Conference Center with a room booked has a right to occupy the before said room from 11:00 to 14:00 on the day of check-in providing the room has been prepared. 


  1. Guest specifies the period of time he wishes to spend in „Mrówka” Conference Center, and in case of failing to do so, it is deemed that the room is booked for one day.

  2. Guests can place their request to prolong their stay in „Mrówka” Conference Center (exceeding their booked stay) at the reception desk before 10:00

  3. „Mrówka” Conference Center reserve the right to deny the prolongation of stay if there are no rooms available.

  4. The payment for stay is payable upon arrival on the first day in advance.


  1. „Mrówka” Conference Center provides service in accordance with its category and standards. In case of any reservations concerning the quality of service, guest is advised to bring them to hotel’s attention at the reception desk immediately so that the staff can react right away.

  2.  „Mrówka” Conference Center has an obligation to provide: 

    Conditions of full and unencumbered relax of the guest.
    Safe stay including not disclosing any private information about guests. 
    Professional and polite staff in all services provided by „Mrówka” Conference Center. 
    Room service and maintenance during guest’s absence and during his presence upon his specific request. 
    Effective service, and in case of any malfunction which will prove too difficult to repair, „Mrówka” Conference Center will do everything in its power to change the room or to compensate for the inconvenience in other way.


  1. On guests’ demand „Mrówka” Conference Center provides free service such as:

    Providing information regarding travel and stay.
    Wake-up call.
    „Mrówka” Conference Center may refuse to store the luggage in dates exceeding the check-in and check-out dates and belongings different than hand luggage.
    Booking rooms in other hotels

  1. „Mrówka” Conference Center takes full responsibility for losing or destroying guests’ belongings pertaining to the art. 846 and 852 of the Polish Civil Code.

  2. Guest should inform the reception desk of „Mrówka” Conference Center about any damage immediately after its occurrence.

  3. „Mrówka” Conference Center’s  liability for damage and/or losing valuables, money and securities is limited if the above mentioned are not in the hotel’s deposit (safe).

  4. „Mrówka” Conference Center may at its own discretion refuse to accept certain objects to deposit which are of high value or to deposit bigger amounts of money. 

  1. Guest of „Mrówka” Conference Center has no right to transfer the room he checks-out of to third parties, even if the time of check-in, for which the guest had paid, has not lapsed yet.
  1. In„Mrówka” Conference Center all guests are obliged to observe the quiet hours from 22:00 to 6:00.

  2. Persons not checked-in in „Mrówka” Conference Center cannot stay in rooms between 22:00-7:00.

  3. Behavior of „Mrówka” Conference Center guests shall not disturb other guests’ comfortable and undisturbed stay. „Mrówka” Conference Center reserves the right to deny further stay in the Hotel if the guest does not comply with terms and conditions of the Hotel.

  4. „Mrówka” Conference Centeris a place to organize special events and reserves the right to disturb the night quiet time occasionally. Receptionist at the reception desk confirming the booking of the room shall inform the guest of any potential night events organized in „Mrówka” Conference Center.

  1. Every time guests leave room they shall check if the doors are closed and leave the key at the reception desk.

  2. Guest of „Mrówka” Conference Center is financially liable for all kinds of equipment damage and malfunction which occurred because of his or his guests’ actions.

  3. Bearing in mind fire safety it is strictly forbidden to use coil heaters, electric irons and other similar devices inside the room which are not a part of room’s furnishings. Guests of “Mrówka” Conference Center” may use an ironing room if needed.

  4. Taking into account fire safety, current legal provisions and wellbeing of Staff and guests smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole building. There are special places reserved for smoking outside the hotel. In case of failing to comply with this regulation guest will be encumbered with 500 PLN fine for room freshening and its temporary unavailability for further use.

  5. „Mrówka” Conference Center reserve the right to refuse a guest entry and accommodation if they did not comply with terms and conditions of the hotel during their previous visit in the hotel. 

  1. All personal items left by guests in rooms of „Mrówka” Conference Center shall we collected and stored in hotel’s lost and found compartment run by the room service of each floor for the period of 14 days. Hotel shall charge a postage fee if the guest requests to send the belongings they left behind
Management of the hotel